Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor Tyler Posey is a creative with conviction. Undoubtedly most actors turned musicians would use every possible connection to help their careers when it comes to breaking into the music industry but Posey

King Kofi releases new album Primary Colours, a kaleidoscope of sonics & powerful wordplay. Solidifying himself as one of the most captivating and multi-faceted artists to emerge from North London's underground hip-hop scene, King Kofi isn't here to play.

Italian producer and DJ, LOELASH, has released the dreamy R&B single "Somebody New". Taken from his forthcoming debut album, Fantasia, "Somebody New" is another slick track from the fast-rising London-based producer and it's also a collaboration

Glittering dream-pop duo Amethysts release their new single 'Frore,' premiering today exclusively on 1883 Magazine. If you're looking for music that makes you feel like you're having an out of body experience when listening, look no

When it comes to uninvited guests in your home, spiders are one of the ones that unease people the most. While they don’t typically come into your home, there are a few that enjoy the warmth

If you had to sum up alt-R&B group Chase Atlantic in three words, it would be: stylish, unique, inimitable. The australian trio consists of lead vocalist Mitchel Cave, rhythm guitarist & vocalist Christian Anthony, lead guitarist,

In the span of one year, Mimi Webb has gone from aspiring singer to a charting artist with more than one hit in the top 20 at the same time. The Canterbury-born star has spent

1883's Sydney Bolen caught up with The Band CAMINO to discuss their self-titled debut album, their music growth and the writing process, which songs they are most looking forward to playing live, and more.

1883 Magazine spoke to Nessa Barrett about her creative process for EP “Pretty Poison,” transitioning from a TikTok star to a musician, and what fans can expect next.

It is crazy to think we are already reaching the end of the year. With three more months left in 2021, there’s still plenty of time for new music to come along and inspire us,

1883 Magazine's features editor Kelsey Barnes chats with Sam Spruell about "The North Water," implementing imagination in his work, picking apart his characters, and more.

Many people enjoy a good workout, it rejuvenates us, makes us feel good about ourselves, and helps us build on ourselves. However, a work-out on its own is not always enough, sometimes we could do

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