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Black Deer Festival 2023

Festivals are a huge part of British culture. There’s no doubt about that! Blighty gives us no shortage of options for us to lose ourselves in a field for a while. We all know this is usually accompanied by rain, but what would Britain be without a few showers rudely interrupting a scorching summers’ day…This year, […]

1883’s top acts to see at Meo Kalorama Festival 2022

Parque De Bela Vista is the newly appointed home of Portugal’s freshest music festival: Meo Kalorama. Meo Kalorama is being held in the beautiful surroundings of Parque De Bela Vista, close to the heart of Lisbon on the first three days of September and is all about music, art, and sustainability. The newly realised festival […]

Mallorca Live Festival

As one of Spain’s major music festivals, Mallorca Live’s location in Calvià’s Old Aquapark is ideal. Close to all the amenities, its central location is also within walking distance of the beach. Creating a vibrant, complementary blend of Spanish and British music, the festival caters for a broad audience, a diverse music event where genre […]

Strawberries & Creem 2021

Strawberries and Creem or – the place to be now that we’re free! Having the time of our lives at the world’s first “Safe Spaces now” Festival Last-minute with no expectations my flatmate and I packed our stuff to go to Strawberries & Creem. With leftovers from dinner and some G&T, we started this trip […]

Latitude Festival 2021

Train ticket, backpack, suncream, drink supply and the new addition to the collection, my COVID Pass. I went to a festival, a non-streamed festival, in person. If that wasn’t unusual enough, I decided I would go solo but who needs company after 18 months anyway.     So I’ve sent members of the 1883 team […]