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Billy Harris

Ahead of the new season’s sixth episode, Billy Harris sat down with 1883’s Sydney Bolen to discuss the development of his character’s story, landing such a big role this early in his career, the magic of Ted Lasso, and more.

Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett speaks to 1883’s Sydney Bolen about Where We Started, growth from discomfort, how the album came to be, the joys of being a parent, and more.

Bessie Carter

British actress Bessie Carter’s bigger role in this season of Bridgerton, not only showcases her talent, but lends itself brilliantly to the richer world showcased in season 2. Bessie Carter is not your average up-and-coming actress. The British starlet grew up around what is now her professional craft thanks to the fact that both her […]

Ruth Gemmell

1883’s Sydney Bolen talked to Ruth Gemmell about what is next for the beloved Bridgerton matriarch, her love for her onscreen children, all-encompassing grief, and more.

Lizzy McAlpine

Lizzy McAlpine and 1883’s Sydney Bolen talked about her growth as an artist, the short film accompanying Five Seconds Flat, the upcoming Build A Problem tour, and more.


1883’s Sydney Bolen caught up with The Band CAMINO to discuss their self-titled debut album, their music growth and the writing process, which songs they are most looking forward to playing live, and more.